Floor Care Products

Don Hanna offers a full line of wood floor care products. It’s imperative to use the proper products. We do NOT recommend using products with oil soap as an ingredient. You’ll see “miracle” products advertised that promise to make a dull floor shine. These products often create a residue that will build up over time and may actually attract grit and dirt. The cleaners we offer do a fine job of cleaning your floor and don’t leave a residue. Please remember, it’s also important to apply pads to the legs of your furniture.

The Goods

If you'd like to order something, simply e-mail or call us at 1-800-616-4536 or 712-276-4636. (Don Hanna inventories these items - they're available for pick-up, delivery or UPS/USPS.)

Basic Coatings | Bona Kemi | Mops and Accessories | Floor Protectors | Glide 'n Guard

Basic Coatings

Basic Coatings was Waterbased before Waterbased was “Green”

Basic® Coatings Finishes were developed to address safety issues in the bowling industry and replace highly flammable and dangerous products previously used on the alleys. Basic Coatings waterbased products had less solvents, were safer and were low VOC before ozone depletion, indoor air quality or solvent exposure were concerns. Basic Coatings has been committed to improving your environment one floor at a time since its inception by offering safer and greener alternatives for wood floor professionals and homeowners. Wood floors add natural beauty to your home; Basic Coatings products allow you to prepare, finish and maintain this natural beauty with Low VOC, NMP-free and low impact green products.

Squeaky cleaners, by Basic Coatings, are products we’ve used for years and are now available in consumer sizes. Tough on dirt, gentle on floors and cleans without leaving a residue. Squeaky is an excellent commercial-grade cleaner for all wood and laminate floors and is designed for daily cleaning of hard surface flooring.

Squeaky 32 oz. Cleaner
Squeaky 32 oz. Floor Cleaner
Item #SQ-SW
Squeaky Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Squeaky 4 oz. Concentrate Refill for 32 oz. Spray Bottle
Item #4OZ-S
Squeaky Floor Cleaner
Squeaky 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use Floor Cleaner
Item #RTU-SQ
Squeaky Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Squeaky 1 Gallon Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Item #RE/CON-S

Bona Kemi

All of Bona Kemi's Professional Series Products are improved formulas of the original cleaners and are professional strength, non-toxic, waterborne cleaner formulated for all types of hardwood floors coated with a clear, un-waxed finish. This environmentally responsible cleaner leaves no residue and will not dull the floor's finish. Simply spray onto the floor or directly onto your mop head and mop. Rinse free. These products are recommended to be used with a flat head mop. Bona's GREENGUARD certified, non-toxic products ensure you have the best for your floors, your family and the environment. While some Bona cleaners are available from a few chain stores, the Bona Professional series cleaners are available only from your wood floor professional. (That’s me, folks.)

Bona Professional Series
Bona Professional Series 32 oz. Floor Cleaner
Item #8K-OSW
Bona Concentrate Refill
Bona 4 oz. Concentrate Refill for 32 oz. Spray Bottle
Item #4OZ-B
Bona 1 Gallon Professional Series
Bona 1 Gallon Professional Series Ready-to-Use
Floor Cleaner
Item #RTU-BK
Bona Professional Series Concentrate
Bona 1 Gallon Professional Series Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Item #RE/CON-B

Mops and Accessories

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop
Bona Hardwood Floor Mop (includes cleaning pad and cleaner)
Item #BK-705
Bona Mop Refill Cartridge
Bona 28.75 oz. Refill Cartridge for Hardwood Floor Mop
Item #BK-00W
Bona Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad
Bona 4x15" Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad for use with the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop (attaches with handy-dandy velcro).
Item #BK-VEL
Sh-Mop Kit
Sh-Mop Kit, includes mop, 3 terry covers, and one 32-oz. Bona Cleaner
Item #SM-00K
Sh-Wipe Cover
Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Washable Elastic Cover (fits any 8"x15" mop that accepts elastic stretch over covers)
Item #SM-4002
Sh-Micro Fiber Mop Cover
Sh-Micro Fiber Mop Cover (8"x15")
Item #SM-4007

Floor Protectors

The EZ GLIDES is the best on the market. They can be cut with scissors to fit any size leg or pedestal.  Heavy duty Olefin Fiber construction makes EZ GLIDES water resistant for extra durability.

EZ Glide Floor Protector
5/8" EZ Glide Floor Protector
Item #EZ-220
EZ Glide Floor Protector
1" EZ Glide Floor Protector
Item #EZ-223
EZ Glide Floor Protectors
1.5" EZ Glide Floor Protector
Item #EZ-226
EZ Glide Floor Protector
EZ Glide Floor Protector Pad,
3.5" x .675"
Item #EZ-229
EZ Glide Roll
1/2" x 36" EZ Glide Floor Protector Strip
Item #EZ-235
EZ Glide Floor Protector Pad
EZ Glide Floor Protector Pad,
3.5"x4.75" - you cut to size
Item #EZ-232

Glide 'n Guard
Glide 'n Guard

Glide N' Guard is a total floor protection system with interlocking tracks made from special plastics that allow anyone to glide appliances easily along the tracks for maintenance, cleaning or retrieval of lost items. This is a must product for protecting your expensive floors. Makes moving appliances out for cleaning or maintenance a breeze. Recommended by many flooring manufacturers to prevent scratches. For use with refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. Two tracks stay permanently under the appliance and two additional tracks snap in the front when movement of the appliance is required. Six tracks in one package

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