No job too large, no job too small! Don Hanna Wood Floors offers a variety of hardwood services in the Siouxland area, such as refinishing/restoring existing wood floors and installing new floors - both site-finished and pre-finished.

Services include:

Dust Containment

Don Hanna Wood Floors uses the newest in floor sanding technology - the Dust Containment System. This system creates a nearly dust free environment, leaving your home cleaner than before. There's almost no airborne dust to permeate your home, and there's no additional charge. Refinishing your hardwood floor adds beauty and value to your home, but traditional hardwood floor refinishing is an extremely dusty process – lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a clean-up headache that feels like it will never end.
But there is a cleaner, healthier and faster process with Hanna’s dust containment system. Dust containment removes almost all airborne sanding dust and captures it into a powerful, self-contained vacuum system. "I never say 100% dust free, but it's the next thing to dust-free," says Don. "Our dust-containment system is very effective."

Advantages to Dust Free Sanding are:

1.Eliminates dust throughout your home.
2. Eliminates dust from getting into furnace and duct work.
3. Eliminates dust from getting into any electronics in your home.
4. Higher quality floor by eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish
5. Healthier working conditions.
6. Better conditions for allergy sufferers.